Inspired by- Rihanna

I wanted to do another look today. This time I thought that since I get tons of comments saying I look like Rhianna I might as well do a tutorial for one of her makeup looks. I always love Rhianna's makeup. Always flawless, creative, and fresh! I just might do a few more in the future.

Here's a pic of the look I recreated...

I absolutely LOVE it!! Its simple, yet bold. The red winged liner is FAB!! The soft brows and nude lips bring it all together.

Here's my recreation...

Without the lashes...

I still don't see it.. lol Maybe a slight resemblance... :P

Products Used
Ricepaper e/s
Sushi Flower e/s
Saddle e/s
Rule e/s
Makeup Mania Red lip liner
Poste Haste e/s
Loreal linear intense liquid liner
Loreal HIP Kohl liner
Lashes from ebay

Brave New Bronze l/s

Ben Nye Banana powder
La Femme blushes in Pink Velvet and Russet
MAC Shape powder in Lightsweep

I did not apply any foundation or concealor because of the heat and humidity. It is finally getting hot in my area! I dusted the Banana powder over my face and by the time I was finished applying the rest of my face I was shiny again. Next time I'll use MUFE HD powder to see how that hold up. My skin gets so greasy! 
The pics are not very clear because I used my nikon coolpix (old camera) to take them. I have to buy a new SD card for my Canon PowerShot (New!) because all of a sudden it wont read any of the others I already have.. Grrr.. So many technical difficulties! But everything will be up and running very soon. I have HUGE plans in store! 

Much Love!
Mar <333


Inspired by- BeBe ad

Was bored so I thought I would start a series of posts called "Inspired by". Here I will recreate looks or draw inspiration from any outside source. Pictures, ads, other youtubers, ect..

For this particular one, I recreated a look from an ad for BeBe that I found in Glamour Magazine. Heres a picture.

Matte skin, Bold cheeks, Bright overdrawn lip. The eyes I would totally wear outside! lol. Anyway, heres my look!

LMFAO!! I have a smudge of black eyeliner on the side of my nose... eww
I don't know if overdrawn lips work for me... oh well. I like how natural her brows look which is why I filled mine in only a little and brushed them upward. I like thick brows, so what!

Products Used:

Indianwood paint pot
88 neutral palette
Woodwinked e/s
Brash e/s
Satin Taupe e/s
Cross Cultural e/s
Spiced Chocolate e/s
Carbon e/s
Next to Nothing e/s
NYX Black Bean

Red Lipliner from makeup mania
NYX Chaos l/s
Ravishing l/s

Studio Fix Fluid
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Brunette MSF
Intenso Mineralized Blush

I used a ton of unnecessary products mixing colors to find the perfect shades.. :/ I should have used a more brown blush to contour with. Did I pull it off?? You tell me.


Fantasies in Fashion!

The hottest and the biggest fashion show to come to Buffalo, NY. Hosted at the Towne Ballroom!

Producers West Coast Club Life will bring Fantasies in Fashion: Buffalo’s first annual music, fashion and art expression to the city on May 29th, showcasing an enormous array of entertainment to guests.

West Coast Club Life’s theatrical delivery will thoughtfully arrange elements of well-known fashion designers from Southern California in a way that appeals to all senses and emotions.

Models will showcase the hottest clothing and swimwear while DJ’s collaborate to live orchestras’ stimulating thoughts and emotions. Guests will have the opportunity to take a break from the action and enjoy local artists and comedians. VIPs’ will have photo opportunities with models and designers while guests experience a red carpet event never to be forgotten. Community awareness for this event will be far and wide with portions of proceeds going to Literacy Volunteers of Buffalo and Erie County.

French fashion designer and entrepreneur Christian Audigier, will be showcasing his new line “Crystal Rock”.
n addition local designers will be present at the event. 

Doors open at 7 pm.
Tickets pre sale now at $15 until May 15th then regular price of $25

Attendees can purchase tickets in advance at www.westcoastclublife.com Tickets may be purchased at Town Ballroom box office, online through tickets.com, over the phone through tickets.com (1-888-223-6000), and at Tops Market locations.

Email: dave@westcoastclublife.com / carl@westcoastclublife.com

Yours truly will be doing some of the makeup at this event. I am so excited!! If you are in the Buffalo area and/or will be attending the event give me a shout on Twitter or email me!! marand313@gmail.com


Freshwater Knight FOTD

Last night I attempted to go out...

I looked Fabulous! From head to toe! Cute hair, fly outfit, hot ass shoes!! And makeup was Bangin'! IMO
Sadly it was one of the worst nights I've had... ever... Oh well. I didn't even get INTO the club! People just do not know how to act once the weather warms up.. Ughh...
I took pics before I left! lol for a change! I'm a little upset because my SD card broke (kids) and it is not detected in my new camera (which I am still trying to learn how to use :P). I had to use my other camera to take the pics. The other cam does not flash any more for some reason...

But here they are....

Luckily, I used a great base and primer last night! My makeup is still intact! So here are some pics in natural light...

Products Used:

NYX Jumbo pencil in Slate
Silver Fog e/s
Knight e/s
Freshwater e/s
Carbon e/s
Saddle e/s
Ricepaper e/s
Black sparkle eyeliner from sallys

Fabby l/s

La Femme blush in Golden Sunset

I did not use any foundation or concealor because it was hot and I did not want to come home any shinier then I already was. The men were comin for me left and right! Haha! I am not wearing the blush or the lipstick in the last set of pics.

Hope you like!


Makeup Mania haul...

I have heard alot about La Femme blushes and decided that I wanted to try them out. I did some searches and for a few websites that sold them. They are actually incredibly cheap. I decided to purchase from Makeupmania.com

I also found some other things that I was also interested in purchasing for my kit from this site such as, Ben Nye Banana powder and a Japonesque emtly lip palette.

I made my order and got free shipping because it was over $100. I waited for it to come in the mail... I waited and waited... and waited....

I did call in to speak to someone.. Finally I received my package about a month later. They told me many of the items I ordered were on back order and they had to restock because of an overwhelming amount of orders of those particular products, mostly the La Femme blushes!!

Ok so, I cracked open my box to discover one of the items I ordered missing. Called them yet again to find out what was going on and finally just a few days ago I received all of the rest of the products that I ordered, over 2 months later... ughh...

The quality is good, so was the customer service even though I did have to play phone tag alot. All in all I would order from this company again but I would call and make sure that they had the products that I wanted in stock ahead of time to avoid what I experienced with this order... Call me crazy but some of their prices are unbeatable!

Heres what I got...

The blushes were $2.50 each. I got 22 of them! I do wish that they had a wider color range. I was looking for some darker shades of brown.. Maybe I'm being picky, they do have a TON of colors.. :P

Ben Nye Banana powder and Neutral set powder.

La Femme cake mascara in Brown and Black.

3 Lip pencils

4 brow pencils

I also got 2 eyeliners in blue and black (not pictured).. Nothing special.

& finally a Japonesque double sided empty lipstick palette. Great for the kit!!

My FOTD for the meet and greet last night

I am still trying to figure out this new camera so The pics are nothing spectacular... But here you go!

I should have taken these ahead of time because by the time I got back home my shin was so shiny!
Next time!! 

I havent worn Blue eyeshadow in a so I decided to throw this on..

Products used:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation
La Femme Blushes
Petticoat MSF

Electro sky pain pot
Clarity e/s on the lid
Tilt e/s in the crease
Deep blue green pigment in the outer corner
Ricepaper e/s to highlight
Brow shader to fill in brows
Loreal linear intense liquid liner on upper lash line

NYX round l/g in Brown Topez

A friends FOTD

I did my Friends makeup the other day and just thought that I should post pics.

I wanted to do something a little different because I have been kinda stuck in the same old ways.. Not that that is a bad thing but change is always good. I had a peachy mauve theme in mind as I was doing this. I really like how it turned out. For the lips I mixed a few things together to create a unique look.

I used 2 La Femme Blushes on her cheeks. These blushes are highly pigmented!!

Products used:
Graftobian HD foundation
Ben Nye Banana set powder
Quite Natural paint pot
Warming trend e/s
Glamour Check! e/s
Poste Haste e/s (one of my absolute Faves!!)
Saddle e/s
Skintone 2 e/s
Brow shader to fill in eyebrows
Fluid l/s
NYX Indian Pink l/s
La Femme blushes in Bordeaux and Brick Red
Redhead MSF


More on Brush Belts!

So I recorded a few vids on my brushes and this one on my brush belts. Youtube is acting up way to much and has bee for the past week or so! It is literally taking an entire day to upload 5 min videos!!
I mean WTF!! It usually only takes 20-30 mins!!

I have recorded a bunch of vids and this one was the only one that I was able to get through. I have one more trying to upload right now and that one is saying 35 hrs...

Any way here are my brush belts... One from ebay, one from coastal scents. You can actually find both on ebay. I love the big one! So happy I found it!! I might even buy another one just because.. :P


Bold Lips!! Neutral eyes...

Finally recording makeup tutorials!! yay!!

I wanted to do something simple and since I have lately just been walking out the house with eyeliner, mascara, lipstick or lipgloss, I thought I would do something that reflected me at the moment. So here you go!

Products used:

MAC Soft force e/s
MAC Expensive pink
MAC Spiced chocolate
28 neutral palette
Rimmel rich brown eyeliner
Loreal Linear intense liquid eyeliner
MAC Smolder
Maybelline Lash Stellito
MAC Brow shader kit

NYX Deep purple lip liner
MAC Speak louder
Sephora Lip gloss in Rosy glow

Graftobian HD creme foundation
MUFE Hd powder
MAC X-Rocks
MAC Grand duo mineralized blush
MAC Petticoat MSF


FOTD- Out clubbin!

So me and my girls went out last night and this is the look I did.

I'm way shiney (well more than usual) in these pics. Thats what happens after a night out!! Should have used matte gel to help reduce the shine. Will try that out next time and see how it holds up. ;) There is a HUGE pimple right between my eyebrows. I always get one there for some reason. But luckily my skin is clearing up somewhat. Back to using my Neutrogena! No more Clinique!! That stuff jacked my face up!!

Products used:

MAC studio finish concealor in NC45
MAC Blot powder in dark
MAC MSF in So ceylon and Refined to highlight

MAC eyeshadow quads in Notoriety, Shadowy lady, and spiced chocolate
Rich & Earthy on inner corner
Skintone 2 on brow bone to highlight
Skintone 1 to highlight tear duct
Brash on middle third of the lid
Shadowy lady on outer corner of upper and lower lash line
MUFE #92 on lower lash line
Rimmel soft kohl kajal eyeliner in purple passion on upper lash line
MAC smolder on upper and lower waterline
Maybelline Lash stiletto mascara

Thats all for now. 
Mar <333


Blast from the past!!- Color Pop! 2009 makeup look

Here is a look I did about a year ago. I just found these pics when I found my old camera and I thought it would be such a shame to waste them. I loved this look and it is wearable, as long as you are not afraid of color. If over done it can look a little clownish.. :P lol

I done remember all the products I used here, but I do remember using expensive pink and orgasm blush. I do believe the Hello kitty palette in Too Dolly was used and Vibrant grape e/s from Style Warriors. Not completely sure. The lipstick used was Fabby.

Here are the pics!!

This was back when I still had hair... :P
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