Hair Care Haul

I had a nice little hair project in mind and ran to Sally's to grab the things I needed. I got a jar of 30 volume cream developer and a packet of lightening bleach powder.

I also grabbed some Beyond the Zone Color Jamz in Bubble Head Pink and Not So Shy Violet. These are semi permanent hair colors. Basically rinsed. They are really vivid, bright colors.

I can't wait to see what the final style is going to look like!

I will post the process and pictures on the hair blog.


CCO and Drugstore haul

I grabbed 6 lipsticks.
M.A.C. Red, Purple Rite, Creme d'nude, Show Orchid
All Styled up, Neon Orange

Gloss Creme

Big Bounce shadow in The Cool Elite

Lip Glee in Slickery Pink

Shadow in Tete-A-Tint

Another shadow in Short Shorts

A Clinique gift set

A MAC perfume in Hue: Pinkaura

A NYC bronzer, 2 ELF lip flowers, and a hard candy glitter

Last but not least 3 Revlon lipstains in Gothic, Crave, and Instinct

I really like the Big Bounce shadow and will probably get more. I thought it was a paint pot but when I got home I freaked out until I tried it. It's really not bad at all.

The Revlon colorstains are really good. They go on the same color as the tube.

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